We Are live!

I can’t believe this site is finally here! It has taken me so much longer than I had hoped. Longer than it should have. 

Last year, in January of 2020, I asked my husband (then fiance) to help me create my author website. Back then, I was just as adamant to dedicate my life to writing as I am now, however, life had other plans. Like so many other people, the year 2020 threw me some hard to dodge curveballs. 

I wrote whenever I could muster the mental strength to do so, which wasn’t as often as I would’ve liked. 2020 taught me that chasing your dreams is not about winning every battle, but winning the war. 

And I’m still fighting. 

I took the time to collect the mountain of data I had accumulated about my book and re-arranged the chaos into something I could work with. My author page wasn’t any different. 

So when the dust of 2020 settled and my husband and I retreated into our winter holiday hibernation-station, we started hammering away at this, might I say, awesome site you see before you.

With renewed courage and determination, I will be filling this beauty to the brim with writerl-y tips & tricks. Like how to start writing when you’re a noob like I was (and probably still am). Or how you can combine cultures and create your own unique fantasy race. Or maybe you’re here for the artwork (yes, I’ve got so much in store)!

For now, thanks for reading and I’ll hopefully see you again real soon!

~ Sam Withagen