Of Two Realms – Book 1

Liora is willing to do anything to break free from her abusive father.
But when her attempt flee to the snowy Wylde Mountains goes side-ways, she ends up in the realm of the Elves instead – accused of murder and the destruction of a portal between the worlds of Elves and Man. 

With the treaty between the races now broken and with a price on her head, the Elven King offers Liora an ultimatum; face the gallows on her home-world or help destroy the remaining portals to save the Elves from the impending Human invasion. 

Follow Liora’s epic tale through the realms of Domhain and Merenwen, as she battles alongside fierce Elven warriors while conquering the demons of her past, and the heart of an Elven Prince… – COMING SOON

Everybody needs a sam

I grew up with an incurable addiction to stories, creating imaginary worlds – to escape from the other children on the playground. 

However, it wasn’t until I hit my lowest point in life as an adult, that I turned my dream to become a writer into reality… 

Now, I share my life with my code-geek husband and our two feline fur-babies, who all try their best at dealing with my days – and sometimes weeks – spent locked away in a room where the dark whispers back at me.  

When I’m not writing or drawing, I like to devour entire novels in a day, wander around the forests near my home or bake up a storm in my tiny kitchen. 

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